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Entering this section brings you into the world of modern technology, training and career development as well as world of fair and open communication and informal relationships.

If you desire to work for a company that appreciates its employees as well as its customers and which takes constant improvement not as a duty but a lifestyle choice, you are at the right place. These pages are a gateway offering you a unique possibility to join our team of professionals who have become the top of the class in their field of expertise.

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Tomáš Turkovič
Director for Outsourcing

Open positions

If you would like to know who we are and what we have achieved as a company, you are reading the wrong section of our website. However, if your interest is to help us be better together, keep on reading.

Our constant endeavor, interest and perseverance in supporting our employees with achieving their desires, career, and development resolutions, ranks at the top of our company’s values and responsibilities alike. Each and every person is considered a talent with immense growth potential. We feel your zest and ambition and we strive to support everyone’s potential. 

If you have the drive and want to show your talent, do not hesitate to apply.

Recruitment process

It is important to know that our HR department consists of friendly and cheerful people. The selection process starts when one of them, usually the person responsible for filling a particular position, receives your CV. We are grateful to all applicants but, unfortunately, due to time constraints, we are not able to contact everyone. If your educational qualifications and experience match the criteria required for the specific open position, we will contact you by phone.

The phone call is crucial, as it gives us an opportunity to verify the information relevant to a given position (knowledge of foreign languages, willingness to travel, ability to work different shifts, etc.) The phone call is generally concluded with an invitation for a personal interview.

In Soitron, we appreciate and support an open, friendly and relaxed working environment with very little formality. In other words, your interviewer is likely to show up in jeans and a t-shirt, and will be more interested in your experience, views, opinions, and will pay little attention to the way you dress, your hair color, or anything equally “essential”.

The technical positions usually require only one round of interviews, other positions may involve two or more.


We know that many candidates face a dilemma whether to be open and sincere or formal with an attitude adjusted for a particular position. We prefer and advise the former. If, for instance, you are hired for a position that requires a lot of traveling, yet you are not comfortable with it, but had claimed otherwise in the interview, you will not be happy with your job and that is not good for anybody.


To succeed in the interview, simply be on time, prepared, optimistic, casually dressed and, above all, be yourself.

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