IT–SMART was a successful IT transformation programme implemented by Soitron across Europe. It involved the standardisation of HPSM legacy workflow suites for 50 of HPE’s leading European clients – all of which needed either upgrading, re-evaluating or closing down, as well as the archiving of transactional data. Soitron completed the project on time and below budget, and proved to save HPE $18.3 million.
Case study was published 17.07.2018

Project Summary

Royal Dutch Shell, one of the world’s six oil and gas “supermajors”, also needed migration to HPE’s new platform. Due to its uniquely large, integrated and complex nature, Shell’s transformation was scheduled after the completion of the IT-SMART programme. Shell’s dependency on a deeply complex IT service involved multiple partners and technologies across the globe.

It was also highly visible and integrated into all aspects of the Shell business and affected in some way each and every staff member from a workforce of 180,000. This meant that if anything went wrong, significant downtime would take place and cause both considerable disruption and cost to the entire global Shell business.  However, the migration needed to take place as Shell was the last HPE customer on the legacy EDS platform and the technology was at the end of its life. Therefore this placed enormous pressure on HPE to migrate Shell to the new platform as soon as possible..


The financial benefits were achieved as envisioned and planned. This led to a monthly operational cost reduction, which recovered programme cost in approximately five months.

The completion of this programme allowed HPE to initiate the shutdown of the old system.

The final timeline and costs were siginificantly lower than equivalent and even smaller programmes.

More than 20 non-financial benefits were realised across the Shell and HPE businesses.