In 2003, the Hewlett-Packard Technology Group decided to build a new European IT centre for server management and support in Slovakia. At that time, its managers did not know that they would be able to successfully compete with similar centres in much cheaper Asian countries, which was due to a qualified and affordable workforce in Slovakia
Case study was published 23.02.2016


  • A stable local partner who will participate in the start-up of a global IT centre and ensure recruitment as well as the overall flow of human resources.
  • Continuous cost reduction and streamlining of services after the start of cooperation.


  • Change of contract from personnel leasing to a service model (the customer does not pay according to the number of employees of the centre but according to the amount of services used).
  • Reduction of unit price of the provided services and quality improvement by increasing productivity, motivation, and commitment of external staff.


Increase in productivity thanks to relieving HP managers from routine processes related to the operation of the centre.

Reduction of the unit price for individual services by up to 15% over the course of three years.

Effective control by means of selected indicators.

Improvement of compliance with established quality criteria.

Reduction of employee fluctuation and increase in their satisfaction and engagement.

Quality assurance thanks to an option in the contract to apply a discount to the price of services.