Document management team (T&T)

In the early 2016, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise decided to set up an additional team in the Sales Enablement and Solutioning department with supportive functions in the Enterprise Solution Centre in Sofia. At the time, there was a team with similar functions, however, the main challenge was that the responsibilities were not clear enough and even though the team members had a great and professional expertise they had to perform different tasks not always connected with the team’s responsibilities and corresponding to their abilities.
Case study was published 22.03.2019


  • A stable local partner who will participate in the transition and transformation of a team that serves a global sector and ensure its implementation in the new Service Model.
  • Initial recruitment as well as the overall flow of human resources.
  • Keep the coverage of the previous team but develop a better working requesting method for optimization of resources and greater visibility.


  • Transition of the service from one outsourcing company to another.
  • Transformation of the transferred service in order to improve it.



Improved quality.

Shorter response time to a request (from 4 h to 2h).

Resource optimization.

Timely delivery, fitting into tight timeframes.

Better understanding of the needs and requirements for the particular request.