Document management team

HPE was invited to take part in a bid for a technical solution for a global firm specialized in agricultural products and environmental protection. After receiving and analyzing the Request for Proposal specific requirements a batch of different legal and technical documents and files were created to support HPE business offer.
Case study was published 22.03.2019


  • Necessity for producing high-quality materials on time for a large bid in which HPE took part in.
  • The documents had to be completed for a short period of time in compliance with both HPE standards and specific customer requirements as well.


  • Formatting the documents in accordance with HPE standards and requirements.
  • Proofreading and editing to make the documents precise and consistent.
  • Establishing successful communication with HPE point of contact for the deal and ensuring a smooth workflow.


Completing the project in strict pre-defined timeframes.

Quick adapting to the customer’s requirements.

Professionally branded materials.